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Posted 17 days ago, Demand : 8,000 - 12,000 Rs, Location : Peshawar
Peshawar.Co is a new startup which aims is to help business have an online presence so people can easily find them. Business can also be review and Peshawar.Co also provides a buy and sell classified section.

We are currently in the need of a talented marketer who can can visit businesses, show them our product, get feedback from them and then we can tailor our product according to their needs.

Our initial emphasis is on contact real state agents and show them our product. We want to be a one stop solution for all real estate needs in Peshawar.

An excellent candidate will be his own commute (bike, car) and should like to talk to people. Should have pleasant personality, punctual and trustworthy.

Please submit your resume to apply.

Thank you!;

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