Alhafiz Dawa Khana - Hakeem Syed Tahir Ali Shah, Peshawar

Near Cantonment Board Hospital, Peshawar Saddar, Peshawar
0315-5277672, 0308-40303507
Hakeem Traditional Medicine



0315-5277672, 0308-40303507


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user2937 commented on 2017-12-12
Went there yesterday for infertility treatment, was way too expensive. Quoted Nuskha was for 30,000 Rs per month and it waas supppose to be taken for couple of months. In fact according to Hakim Sb, he had more expensive medicien "that works better" which are in the range of 80,000/month. Of course I declined to take those medicine, as it does not make any sense for herbal medicines to be that expensive.

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