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Reviewed by , on 2017-09-23

Reason for Visit: Meal for four
Review: Since it has become the talk of the town, had to Visit.
The place was jam packed. There were hardly any vacant tables.
So Hardees for the next few weeks isn’t probably the place you go to enjoy your meal and relax. Maybe when the hype dies down, things will be better.
We were 4 people and we ordered the following;
•Kiddy meal (chicken tender sandwich with meal)
•Chicken fillet with meal
•Angus thickburger (Beef) with meal
•Grilled Chicken with meal
•Chocolate Chip Cookie (wasn’t as soft and gooey as I thought it’d be, Ive had better cookies at Subway)
Probably the most impressive thing about this specific branch of Hardees TILL NOW is that their burgers tasted very fresh! The patties, the veggies, the bun, everything fresh.
Their Serving time is 2-5 minutes which made me think how is it possible for them to make burgers that fast considering they werent even baasi.
The waiters come every few minutes asking if you need anything, which is nice.
The management is well able to handle such massive crowds.
Kiddy meal aint worth buying if you want a decent toy for your kid. But the kiddy meal burger is quite Fulfilling (unlike the one of Mcdonalds OR Kfc)
And Their Colddrinks aren’t carbonated at all.
Parking is a major issue but I dont think they care for that. Jab tak log arahe hain, aur business chal raha hai, they probably wont entertain the idea of expanding space for parking
Our total bill was 2400/-
Which is somewhat expensive but then again, Hardees is expensive (esp the Beef Burgers)
Hoping they maintain the quality of the food since a lot of restaurants in Peshawar (after a few weeks of opening up, compromise on the quality and service)

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Reviewed by , on 2017-09-23

Reason for Visit: Meal for two - Superstar Beef and Jalapeno burger
Review: Went to hardee's
My suggestion ? Dont go ryt now.. way too much crowded .. there was no place to sit or even park the car . Bt the taste was beyond delicious .. we ordered superstar beef burgee n jalepeno chicken n both were amazing ..gonna trt it again after a month when its not that crowded

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Reviewed by , on 2017-09-30

Reason for Visit: Angus Philly CheeseSteak Burger
Review: Where: Hardees
What: Angus Philly CheeseSteak Burger
Environment: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 3.7/5
Value For Money: 2/5
Overall: 3.8/5
When it comes to beef grilled burgers iam yet to try better burgers than that of Gigabite, considering i have also tried Howdy, Roasters, Jessies which are considered to be best burger joint in Islamabad.

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Majid Ullah commented on 2017-10-17
Is there any job in peshawar branch plzz repl

Asad Iqbal commented on 2017-09-28
hi sir,plz send me a menu along with prices. through email address.thanks .

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