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Reviewed by , on 2017-07-06

Reason for Visit: OPD (Orthopadic)
Review: I have been to Hayatabad Medical Complex many times but this review is about my last experience as orthopedic patient. And this is after OPD and Emergency Ward of HMC have been renovated.

The OPD ward has been vastly improved, totally renovated, with glass counters introduced, ample seating available for patients but I had one big problem. There was no AC. It is july and I would expect a newly renovated ward would be properly equipped with AC that was not that case. Instead facs have been installed in the ceiling which means they probably never installed AC for general public.

The other new change that I noticed was patient cards which has been introduced. It cost 100 Rs and you have to make one before you make an appointment. it is one time, you just have to bring it back when you visit the hospital in the future.

My overal experience was quite disappointing mainly because of no availability of AC. For x-rays we had to go to x-ray department which was the same old and nothing changed there, again no AC. Even the doctor clinic was without AC, which is weird and a disappointment.

Overall I would say that no matter how much govt spends on their hospital, it probably can never compete with private hospital. We could have gone to RMI (Rehman Medical Complex) but we choose HMC thinking it would have all the facility and probably even better health care but that was not the case.

I would say if you are well off, do not go to HMC, there is no comparison between RMI and HMC.

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