McDonald's Peshawar

Sher Khan Road, Near Army Stadium, Peshawar
(091) 5284532
Restaurant Fast Food American



(091) 5284532
McDonald's Peshawar

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Reviewed by , on 2016-01-06

Reason for Visit: Big Mac :)
Review: Visited McDonalds Peshawar yesterday. First some surprises for me

* There was Rs 20 ticket for Car Parking. This actually covers going to Pizza Hut and any of the two banks that are there not just for McDonalds only. Note that there is separate 15 Rs ticket for the adjacent Army Park.

* There is a LOT of security when you go to McDonalds. It is like going to some US Consulate :)

So the place is awesome, has plenty of car parking which is nice to have in cramped Peshawar. The style of Restaurant is exactly as it is in United States + it has sitting area in open air, which is nice to have.

The washrooms were super clean and a nice change for people of Peshawar!

My disappointment was that big mac they are selling is quite small as compared to the one in United States. Could it be just my perception? May be but to me Big Mac looked lick McChicken with one extra patty.

Also I asked for salt and they took quite some time. At the end they came up with salt in open container. They really should have salt in small pockets. Fries don't taste good without the salt!

Overall I had great experience. It is somewhat expensive and hence 4 star. Otherwise it is pretty good!

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Reviewed by , on 2016-01-06

Reason for Visit: Burger
Review: A place worth going to every weekend. Everything well organized.

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Prince khan commented on 2017-08-29
Nice i love it .

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