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111-734-626 (111-REH-MAN)
Rehman Medical Institute (RMI)

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Reviewed by , on 2017-07-14

Reason for Visit: Took Appointment for a senior doctor but got seen by a junior one without letting me know
Review: I have never anything like this in professional medical career.

I took appoint for my mother with Dr. Abdul Jamil (Physiologist) . I did not know the doctor myself so got seen by another one whom I though was Dr. Abdul Jamil. The doctor prescribed some tests. The next day when I went for follow up, I saw the Dr. Abdul Jamil who actually a senior doctor I was seen by his junior. I was shocked at the professionalism. All this was done without letting us know the doctor was not the one who I made appointment for.

Now to make things worse, the appointment was about my mother how is old and was not with me on the second visit. It was strange situation that the doctor had to prescribe medicine without seeing the patient. He himself felt awkward and offered that she can come back again without paying the fee again but I was in awkward situation. Why I was misguided when I called, took appointment by phone and was told that only Dr. Abdul Jamil is available today and I took the appointment, and he himself was not there.

I did not expect such professionalism from RMI. I will be cautious again.

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