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1 Dr. Miqdad Ali Khan, Peshawar
RMI 5/B-2, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar +92-91-5838 00

Cardiologist Vascular Diseases Consultant Faculty

2 Saidan Shah Plaza, Peshawar
Dubgari Garden, Peshawar

Plaza Doctors Labs Lawyers

3 Dr. Mehfooz Hussain (Dubgaree), Peshawar
Dubgaree Peshawar

Eye Specialist Eye Surgeon Retina Avastin Injections Euro Clinik Eye Injections

4 Dr. Naeem Khattak, Peshawar
Hayatabad, Phase 5, Peshawar (near ICMS) Ph. 091-5823004, 091-5823005

Ophthalmologist Eye Specialist Eye Surgeon Peshawar Eye Center Clinic

5 Dr. Mohammad Daud Khan, Peshawar
Doctors Diagastic Center, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar (near Anti-Corruption Headquarters) (091) 5892731

Eye Specialist Eye Surgeon

6 Doctors Diagnostic Hospital and Research Center Hayatabad, Peshawar
Plot 28, Sector B, Hayatabad, Peshawar (091)589 2867-8

Hospital Research Center

7 Sina Labs, Peshawar
Ground Floor, Doctors Plaza, Hayatabad, Peshawar Ph. 091-5825046, 0332-3232707

Lab Medical Laboratory

8 Dr. Muhammad Kausar (Dermatologist), Peshawar
Medical Plaza, Nasir bagh road, Peshawar (board) 091-5842882

Doctor Dermatologist

9 Dr. Lubna Hassan, Peshawar
Women Hospital, Hayatabad, Phase V, Peshawar 091-5823797, 0333-9994620, 0311-9994620

Gynaecologist Gynae & Obstetrics doctor

10 Dabgari Gardens Medical Center Peshawar, Peshawar
Dubgari, Peshawar

Medical Plaza Doctors Clinics Labaratories Medical Stores

11 Dr Shafiq Gynecologist , Peshawar
Sahib Zada Abdul Qayyum Rd, Johar Khatoon Maternity Hospital, University Town 091 5701533

Fertility Specialist Gynecologist

12 Dr. Imran Uppal (Homeopathic Doctor), Islamabad
21 Bhittai Road, F-7/1, Islamabad (051) 265 3434

Doctor Homeopath

13 Dr Huzaifa Ansari (Homeopath), Islamabad
Clinic 244/32 Lalkurti Mamooji Road Rawalpindi, Punjab (051) 5564405

Doctor Homeopath

14 Dr. Aslam Uppal Diagnostic Center, Islamabad
Wah Cantt Road, Wah

Homeopath Clinic Lab

15 Dawood Khan (Advocate), Peshawar
Doctor Plaz, Main Floor, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Phase 4, Peshawar 0300-9349344723

Advocate Legal deeds

16 Malak Saad Complex Hayatabad, Peshawar
Sector D-5, Phase-1, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Doctors Plaza

17 Dr. Ali Rizwan (BDS), Peshawar
Flat #9, Block-3, Sector D-5, Malak Saad Complex, Phase 1, Hayatabad (091) 5818140, 0300-0982700

Dentist Smile Dental Care

18 Shafique Psychiatric Clinic, Peshawar
Tehkal Bala, G.T. Road, Peshawar (091) 5840423

Psychiatrist Clinic Dr Shafiq

19 Dr Adnan Munir Homeopathic Clinic and Store, Peshawar
First Floor Ali Tower Hashtnagri Gt Road Peshawar 0300-5906473

Best Homeopathic Clinic and Store. Dr Adnan Munir

20 Malik Saad Plaza / Market , Peshawar
Hayatabad, Phase 1, D-5, Peshawar

Offices Doctors Labs Stores

21 Dr Syed M Sultan (Psychiatrist), Peshawar
Tehkal, GT Road, Peshawar (091) 5512785

Psychiatrist Clinic

22 Gastroenterologist - Dr Sohail, Peshawar
PIMS, Phave V, Hayatabad, peshawar

Gastroenterologist Stomach Specialist

23 Dr. Saima Gilani, Peshawar
Shifa Medical Complex, Circular Road, University town Peshawar 091-5704786, 091-5704787


24 Dr Ghulam Mustafa (Homeopathic Physician), Islamabad
House 439, St.51, Sector G-9/1 (Opp. Post Office Karachi Company), Islamabad, Pakistan. 0322 6304050

Homeopathic Doctor Clinic

25 Dr. Azam Ali, Karachi
Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi

Ophthalmologist Eye Surgeon

26 Dr. Mohibullah, Peshawar
Northwest General Hospital

ENT Specialist

27 Dr Tariq Khan Hashim - Neuro Surgeon, Peshawar
Northwest General Hospital, Peshawar

Neuro Surgeon

28 Dr Obaidullah - PLASTIC SURGEON, Peshawar
Northwest General Hospital, Peshawar

Plastic Surgeon

29 Dr Saeed Akhtar, Islamabad
Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad

Urologist Kidney Specialist

30 Dr Sheikh Saadat , Pakistan
CMH Kohat Kpk 0377657894

ENT Surgeon

31 New Vision Waves Opticians , Peshawar
G T road Haripur 0995612993

Save Vision

32 New Vision Waves Opticians , Peshawar
G T Road Haripur 0895612993

Better Vision

33 New Vision Waves Opticians, Haripur
G T Road Haripur 0895-612993

Better Vision

34 Dr Sultan Zeb Khan FCPS (Gastroenterology), Abbottabad
Pakistan Medical Centre and Lab. Phul Gulab road, Infront of Gate no 1 of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad 03137404505

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist